Kneeling before one of America’s truest art forms with an unconditional passion to give the Blues everything she’s got. Eliza Neals, a Detroit blues-rock star on the rise, honors the gut-wrenching, soul splitting intent the American roots of contemporary blues represents with inspired songwriting, live performances, and magic not seen in years.

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October 2018

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Don’t be fooled by this cover. The blond powerhouse emerging from the sewer in the photo is no wallflower. Eliza Neals is an electrifying vocalist, and she’s gathered an all-star lineup to deliver “10,000 Feet Below”, an in-your-face collection of blues-rock that’s powerful enough to knock you off your feet if you’re not careful.

A multi-instrumentalist who concentrates on keyboards on this one, Neals is based out of Detroit and tours the world with her band, The Narcotics, which features another Motor City blues-rock giant, Howard Glazer, on guitar. They’re joined here by Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame guitarist Billy Davis (Jimi Hendrix Band) and Grammy-winning string-bender Paul Nelson (Johnny Winter). – Blues Blast Magazine